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AMBO, 2018

AMBO, 2018

Alicja Kwade

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AMBO was published during the exhibition in Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany, in 2018.

Edited by Anette Hüsch
Texts by Anette Hüsch and Harriet Meyer

About the exhibition:

The Latin term ambo broadly means both, as well as ambiguous. Using the symmetrical structure of the exhibition space in the Kunsthalle zu Kiel as a starting point, Alicja Kwade addresses the relationship between time and space and the conditions under which reality is perceived. Fourteen of her works – installations from 2001 to 2018 were on display. The artist also changed the existing spatial structures of the Kunsthalle in Kiel. Part of the exhibition was the expansive installation WeltenLinie.

ISBN: 978-3-937208-52-7
Publisher: Kunsthalle zu Kiel
Language: German and English 

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