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New Landscape, 2018

New Landscape, 2018

Ragna Róbertsdóttir

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Acrylic pieces
15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in)
Edition of 20

This small monochromatic work installed directly on the wall consists of nothing more than bright red, yellow, or green acrylic bits in squares or bands. Although they are made of a rugged, synthetic material, they nonetheless seem ethereal, like floating concentrations of pure vivid color. 



Mark the outlines of the work directly on the wall with a pencil (use leveler).  

Tape outlines (it is important to use tape, that is easily removed).  

Tape a plastic bag beneath the work for purpose of catching acrylic pieces  

Wipe out the pencil marks and apply transparent Wallpaper glue with a brush. 

Put the lavastones / glass into a bowl, take a handful of it and throw it on the glued surface from left to right until finished. Remove the tape carefully.  

Use a tooth pick to move small stones / glass from the edges if they are out of the line. If necessary, put some extra stones / glass at the edges. Let the work dry overnight.

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