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Eleven Years, 2006

Eleven Years, 2006


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“A gallery is but an artist. It starts off young and filled with dreams of the future, dreams which rarely come true. The starting point is always the same: small funds, a small space and art works which only a few people in the art community can appreciate. It is one of the laws of life itself, and therefore of art, that those things in which in due time will be of importance have usually been disregarded and ignored at first.”

On the occasion of i8’s eleventh birthday, we allow us a moment to reflect on the path travelled. This retrospective consists partly of commentaries from Eva Heisler, Halldór Björn Runólfsson, Guðbergur Bergsson and Sigurður Guðmundsson. On the other hand, we have put together a selection from the gallery archives in order to paint a coherent picture of the body of works exhibited over the years. Put together, these sections clearly portray the results of the pioneering work that i8 has done in the past decade.

Publisher: Háskólaútgáfan
Language: English and Icelandic

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