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Isolated Form, 2013

Isolated Form, 2013

Callum Innes

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Mixed media
65 x 65 cm (25 5/8 x 25 5/8)
Edition of 25 + 11 AP

This edition work by Callum Innes consists of a blue cardboard box containing the following elements: Bronze Isolated Form, Isolated Form print, folded (to be used as template), 2H pencil, drill bit, punch as well directions for installation. The owner is instructed to install the work on their wall in a specific manner by the artist.  


Take the print and unfold. Choosing a suitable position on the wall and fix the template gently with masking tape. The isolated form should be positioned in the bottom left section of the folded template (see diagram).  

Ensuring the paper is positioned straight by using the spirit level, mark each corner of the template directly onto the wall using the pencil provided.  

Now centre the punch on the printed isolated form and strike.  

Removing the template from the wall, draw the four sides of the square with pencil and ruler, using the marked corner points as a guide.  

Taking the drill and bit provided, carefully make a hole at the position of the punch mark. There is a depth guide on the bit provided.  

Carefully insert the bronze Isolated Form into the hole with the marked end of the bronze facing into the wall. Ensure the tip of the Isolated Form is flush with the wall surface using a flat surface such as the flat side of the ruler. 

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