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Real Time - Calendar, 2024

Real Time - Calendar, 2024

Andreas Eriksson

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Real Time is a year-long exhibition by Andreas Eriksson at i8 Grandi, on view throughout 2024. Alongside monthly paintings, Eriksson presents a new edition in the form of a calendar, which is printed in an edition of 366 to reflect the length of this year.   The photos are taken in a short time span and are all the same subject - the snow-covered landscape outside Eriksson's studio door. 

Eriksson’s exhibition at i8 Grandi is the third year-long presentation at i8 Grandi, following B. Ingrid Olson in 2023 and Alicja Kwade in 2022. Spanning far longer than traditional museum or gallery shows, i8 Grandi’s programming focuses on concepts of space and time. The sustained duration of the annual format allows artists to consider how time affects their work, and the fluidity encourages audiences to revisit the changing installations. This exhibition marks Eriksson’s second show with i8.

offset print
12 parts: 63 x 46 cm each
metal hanging hook included
box: 64.6 x 47.6 x 2.5 cm
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